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Time to be rad.

It’s quite amazing to me to think about where I’ve come from and where I’m headed now. We got our “RADIOGRAPHY STUDENT” badges last day for clinic-days next week, for now only observation-days. I just cannot believe how happy they made me and how proud of what I am going to do one day. 
I also ordered myself a skeleton, just in time for practice and for halloween. I have to, yet, find a name - anybody got a witty idea?
I’ve found a place where I feel like there are a bunch of individuals but a lot of them are like me, or have interests in similar things like me besides really finding interest in the human body. I hope I will make the same positive experiences in clinic. 

Goddamit, I really hope it’s rad to be a rad.


A moment before Baohaus in NYC. [3456 x 5184] via /r/CityPorn http://urbanzin.tumblr.com

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Why is it that I can x-ray a 9 year old girl with a broken wrist
And she’s smiling, cheery and cooperative.

But a 25 year old guy with the same injury is the BIGGEST CRYBABY you have ever seen.

Because, scientifically proven by my teacher who worked in this field for a lot of years, men, especially younger men, are freakin’ crybabies. 


Radiology fun

heavy metal.

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